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The best whistleblowing and investigations solutions meet your reporters where they are. Whistleblower hotlines need flexible intake channels including web, phone, SMS, and open-door that integrate seamlessly with case management. This helps improve close rates and creates better substantiation.

Solutions created for today’s whistleblowers empower you to handle multiple allegations and involved parties within a single case. Modern tools allow you to link to related policies and training information for better insight and provide thorough case resolution.

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Without a single, integrated solution, there are countless opportunities for information to slip through the cracks. Companies trust Convercent’s Helpline and Case Manager to simplify the most difficult aspects of whistleblowing policy management and investigations.

 Outsourcing Your Whistleblower Program

When choosing your whistleblowing platform provider, it can be tempting to jump straight to budget. However, many vendors are comparable in price when you consider their normalized (or per employee) cost.

Instead, we recommend evaluating Whistleblowing policy management vendors based on:

  • Alignment with your required capabilities
  • Company reputation and record of success
  • Projected innovation (or roadmap)
  • Integration with a full-service compliance platform and existing tech stack

The biggest difference between one vendor and another is the level of ongoing partnership they provide to their customers. Will you be on your own once implementation is complete, or will you have a dedicated Customer Success Manager accountable to your needs?

Ask your potential whistleblowing policy management vendors up-front how they manage customer relationships after the deal is done. At Convercent, we are as invested as you are in the ongoing success of your Helpline. Convercent is your partner for the entire duration of our relationship. We are available to answer questions and provide help whenever you need us.

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Protecting Whistleblowers

Whistleblowers are some of your most valuable team members—after all, they wouldn’t take the time to submit a potentially sensitive report if they weren’t invested in the success of your business. Not only that, but their reports can alert your team to previously hidden risks before it’s too late. Protecting those who speak up is an essential part of fostering ethical culture.

At Convercent, we’ve built a whistleblowing solution that puts the reporter’s needs first. Our tools allow them to submit whistleblowing cases easily without navigating a complicated set of forms. Plus, our call centers are equipped to receive reports in over 300 languages, while our web intake can translate 54 languages. The ability to capture reports and translate in real time means reporters can communicate in the language they’re most comfortable with, and fewer risks slip through the cracks.

Plus, we know that protecting whistleblower data isn’t just a nice thing to do—it’s expected by government agencies. Thanks to different whistleblower protection laws and data privacy regulations in different regions, it can be difficult to understand which data to retain and which to delete. That’s why we empower our customers to selectively redact reports according to their needs, without incurring additional cost.

Minimizing Risk with Your Whistleblower Hotline and Case Management

Treat your hotline as an essential part of your risk management system. Proactive management of whistleblowing policies and cases provides an a critical early-warning tool, protecting the business from unpleasant surprises and minimizing the impact of regulatory or public scrutiny.

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Whether you’re conducting investigations remotely or in-person (or some hybrid of the two), your case management processes and technology play a key role in how well you manage the associated risks. We recommend maintaining a central source of truth for each report. Consolidating whistleblowing case details including documentation is key to closing investigations faster. Download our Definitive Guide to Case Management for a holistic case management framework, plus templates for the intake and management of reports.

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Building a speak up culture?

Having the right whistleblowing and investigation tools isn’t enough, if your culture doesn’t encourage reporters to come forward and feel confident that their reports will be handled appropriately. If you’re concerned about overcoming reluctance to report among your employees, or simply need to raise awareness for your whistleblowing hotline, download our free ebook to learn the Six Key Steps to Raising Hotline Awareness.

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